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Handmade Kitchen Knives

Forged for real chefs who live for the thrill. These handmade workhorses... 

Never compromise on quality

HDMD Knives are hand-forged with time-tested craftsmanship. We want you to have a knife that looks, feels, and works great at a fair price.

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Camping meals

Bring gourmet camping cuisine to your next adventure in the great outdoors. From quick and easy meals to gourmet dishes, find your new go-to recipe here.

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Knife skills

Cooking can be a joyful experience once you master the proper knife skills. Come learn from mincing and dicing to debone a whole chicken yourself.

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  • Only the good stuff

    We source the finest materials, keeping construction honest through traditional techniques with zero cuts on quality.

  • Made for the mission

    Our task-ready knives are purpose-built for dicing, slicing and mincing - whatever your camp chow or kitchen grind.

  • Free shipping for friends

    Spend over $49 and you'll get complete orders zooming to your door gratis. We take care of our folks.

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