We started HDMD Knives out of a passion for handmade knives. With an understated look, quality handmade knives are good at what they are meant for, whether it's cutting clean and precise like scalpel or chopping through tough materials with mind-blowing ease. We love them so much that we wanted to develop our own knives and share the pleasant experience with you.

We started to rethink what defines a good knife—material, design, craft, or upkeep? You may have your own answer. For us, good knives speak for themselves. It will only take one slice of tomato to turn you into a believer. And you'll be thrilled to recommend these knives to your friends and proud to buy them as gifts for your beloved ones.

So now, we are practicing what we believe—focusing on quality and presenting you with handmade knives that will make a difference in your cooking experience.

  • Durability

    Sticking to the finest materials and honest craftsmanship, HDMD knives will be your reliable cooking companions for years to come.

  • Fair pricing

    By selling directly to our customers, without middleman markup, we are able to make high-quality culinary knives accessible to everyone.

  • Artisan touch

    Knives forged from high-carbon steel provide superior strength, sharpness, and edge retention. They will gain beauty with age, being a reflection of the virtues and skills of the artisans.

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