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Howdy, we are HDMD

Makers of high performance cutlery built for the real world. Since day one, we've been on a mission to craft elite blades that are as handsome in the hands as they are effective on any task.

Our knives? You'll love them. Here's why.

A partner as rugged as you are

Our blades suck up punishment and keep on slicing (just don't chop bones, okay? Bones need a specialized tool. Maybe we should consider making one? 🤔). Whether busting camp cookouts or tackling kitchen tasks, you've got an ally built for adventure - at home or on the go.

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You’ll look as cool as you feel

Warning: Wielding one of our hand-forged helms might cause some serious envious eyes. With an HDMD, food prep is sure to be your new favorite flex. Show 'em how it's done with class and edge.

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The unique gift they’ll actually use

Whether it's a birthday, achievement or just cause Friday, say "You're one of a kind" with an HDMD blade. Thoughtfully packaged and ready to present, our precision pieces prove you understand what badass babes and brave bros truly want - top-tier tools to take their talent to the next level in the kitchen, campsite, or wherever hunger may roam.

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Hmm. Why an HDMD is so good?

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Meet your new pal

20% off + Extra 15%/20%/30% savings when you spend $150/$200/$250

Favored by Meat lovers

Serbian Chef Knife

Built to perform - from camping butcher to kitchen prep, this blade is tough and its edge is precise. Substantial yet nimble in hand, it'll make quick work of your cuts.

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Cut and rock with ease

Hand Forged Chef Knife

Slice and dice with cinematic cuts thanks to its sweeping blade profile. Whether rocking or chopping, this knife impresses with versatile performance. A true showstopper.

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On the go choice

Utility Chef Knife

The 'pocket rocket' of your culinary knife collection, it is compact yet unstoppable. Slice with power, at home, on trails, anywhere.

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Bigger, bolder

Serbian Chef Knife Max

For the chef who doesn't cut corners - just food, with flavorful fury, our Max offers a step up. While our classic’s a real one, this bad boy offers a beefier build perfect for prepping feasts.

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Outdoor gourmet's go-to

Explorer's Edge™ - Camp Kitchen Knife

This cleaver-shaped beast boasts a wide, curved blade with a top hole for easy storage. Embrace the wild, embrace the flavor, let this knife be your trusty companion on every epic cooking adventure.

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We are dying to see you give us a try...But

Here are 3 reasons you don’t want these knives.

Why buy here over Amazon's $49 blades?

Our knives might cost a few bucks more up front, but they'll last years longer with daily use. While others make tall claims, we're honest about materials and craftsmanship. Quality steel and honest work means honest value.

Never heard of HDMD before. How do I trust an unknown?

Fair doubt, friend. We are a small start-up fueled by passion for the craft not just heady hustle. We strive to develop knives that do the darn job right while respecting folks' pockets. Give us a chance to earn your trust. If you don't like it, just send it back.

High carbon means high hassle?

Guilty there - carbon steel demands love like any worthy partner. While this type of steel requires more attention compared to stainless steel (it can be prone to discoloration or rusting), the rewards shine bright - edges keener and sharper that last longer. With simple drying and oiling love after each use, our high carbon blades stay in fighting form through seasons of slicing by your side.

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