HDMD™ - Premium Whetstone
HDMD™ - Premium Whetstone
HDMD™ - Premium Whetstone

HDMD™ - Premium Whetstone

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The ultimate tool to revive your knives

The dullness of one knife is the kryptonite of any cutting experience. It is not only inefficient but also dangerous to mess around with a flat blade. 

To resurrect your kitchen knife and maintain its sharpness, a whetstone is your best bet, and this HDMD premium whetstone is built for that.

Made with aluminum oxide or known as corundum in its natural form. This premium whetstone is made under the technique to replicate traditional Japanese water stone. 

The stone is capable of sharpening all kinds of kitchen knives, from massive cleavers to delicate sushi knives, you name it, the whetstone delivers. 

The HDMD premium whetstone comes with two sides for different sharpening purposes, understand the level of grit before getting into the sharpening session is essential:

400 coarse grit: Fast removal of nicks and grits. Works best on a fairly damaged knife. While a coarse stone can quickly sharpen a dull blade, it can damage it if misused.

1000 Fine grit: Good metal removal rate. Best for giving a blade a sharp edge. Used for regular sharpening sessions. 

Easy steps on using a whetstone

  1. Wet the sharpening stone at the center. Just a drop of water is enough. 
  2. Place the blade on the cutting board at the correct sharpening angle, covering from the heel to the midpoint of the body, and secure the position with your fingers.
  3. Move the blade forward and back. As retaining the same angle during the entire process is vital, push and pull the knife with your shoulders.
  4. In about five minutes into the sharpening, flip and do it with the other side. If your knife is single-beveled, you don’t need to do this.
  5. After you sharpen a portion of the blade, repeat the process with the rest of the edge.

Check out our detailed knife sharpening guide: https://blog.hdmdknives.com/knife-sharpening-guide.html

Specifications & Details

Weight: 707g
Size: 17.8 x 6 x 3cm
Material: Corundum/Aluminum Oxide
Color: White & Caramel

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