Camping Veggie Pizza Recipe (No Oven, Just One Pot! )

Camping Veggie Pizza Recipe (No Oven, Just One Pot! )

Eating pizza while camping? Absolutely! Yes, please! This classic veggie pizza recipe is both easy to prepare and incredibly tasty. Bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, cherry tomatoes, and cheese—all slow-cooked together in a pan. Just roll out the pizza dough, and get ready to savor the essence of the wilderness with each satisfying bite. Cooking under the stars has never been this delicious!


  • Bell pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • Olives
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Melting cheese
  • Pizza dough
  • Tomato sauce
  • Oregano

These simple yet flavorful components are the building blocks of our campfire veggie pizza. This is a simplified version of the recipe, but feel free to add more ingredients if you'd like! With nature as your backdrop, it's time to transform these ingredients into a camping culinary masterpiece!

necessary ingredients for the veggie pizza recipe


Step 1: Preparation

The very first thing with this recipe is to prepare the fresh ingredients.

  1. Slice the bell pepper into vibrant strips, ensuring a burst of color in every bite.
  2. Skillfully cut the mushrooms as flat as possible, maximizing their earthy flavor.
  3. Chop the olives to your liking, adding a briny kick to the mix.
  4. Quarter the cherry tomatoes, unlocking their juicy goodness.
  5. Finally, cut the melting cheese into delightful cubes, setting the stage for a gooey, satisfying finish.

Step 2: Stack the pizza

Now that your ingredients are prepped, it's time to assemble your campfire veggie pizza.

  1. Begin by placing your pizza dough in an iron pan over the campfire. Allow it to bake for a short while, then carefully flip it over to cook the other side. This ensures a perfectly crisp base for your outdoor creation.
  2. Next, generously spread tomato sauce over the pizza dough. Let the rich flavors meld with the crust, creating a savory foundation.
  3. Now, artfully arrange the freshly cut bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and cherry tomatoes on top of the sauce. Distribute the melting cheese cubes evenly for that gooey, indulgent touch.
  4. For an extra burst of flavor, sprinkle oregano over the assembled pizza. The aromatic herb will infuse the dish with a hint of earthiness, complementing the natural surroundings of your camping spot.
  5. Once your pizza is arranged, wrap the iron pan with aluminum foil. This step ensures that the pizza cooks evenly and retains all the delicious flavors. Place the pan back over the campfire and let it bake to perfection.

Step 3: Bake and enjoy

With the iron pan securely wrapped in aluminum foil, allow your campfire veggie pizza to bake to perfection. The foil will lock in the flavors, creating a mini-oven effect over the open flame. This method ensures that every element, from the crisp crust to the gooey cheese and vibrant veggies, melds together in a symphony of flavors.

Keep a close eye on your pizza as it bakes, adjusting the heat of the campfire to achieve that ideal golden crust and melted cheese consistency. The anticipation builds as the aroma of the pizza fills the air, signaling that it's almost time to savor your outdoor culinary creation.

Once the pizza is done baking, carefully remove the aluminum foil. The unveiling of your campfire veggie pizza is a moment to relish—the golden crust, the bubbling cheese, and the colorful medley of veggies all coming together for a feast for the senses.

Serve up slices of your rustic pizza masterpiece and bask in the satisfaction of creating a delicious camping meal. Whether you're sharing it with fellow campers or savoring it solo under the stars, your campfire veggie pizza is a testament to the joy of simple, flavorful cooking in the heart of nature. Enjoy!

veggie pizza ready to serve

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