How to Cut A Pineapple for Grilling

How to Cut A Pineapple for Grilling

Pineapples just got a major upgrade, all thanks to masterminds in the culinary world. Here’s your chance to try them grilled: a caramelized sweet fruit deliciousness we can’t get enough of. Once you try these, you’re not going to have them any other way. 

Before we let you in on the recipe of how to grill pineapples, there is something important you must learn first. That is learning how to cut a pineapple for grilling. Cutting pineapples right is a fundamental part of the grilling process which largely determines the final grilled output.

How to cut a pineapple for grilling:

  1. For cutting into spears, cut the pineapple in four halves.
  2. Slice out the core and skin.
  3. Cut each section in half again to create eight pieces.
  4. For rings, peel the pineapple.
  5. Next, cut it in horizontal slices 1-1.5cm thick.
  6. Remove the core with a corer or cutter.


The perfect grilled pineapples involve having perfectly ripe pineapples and a sharp knife to begin with.

Choosing a ripe pineappleChoosing a pineapple

Here are some factors to look out for:

  • Appearance: When looking for a ripe pineapple, the first thing to look out for is its color. Ripe pineapples have bright golden or yellow colors as well as leaves that are brightly colored. Pineapples that have a dull color or are too red or bronze tend to be unripe and over-ripe respectively.
  • Smell: Can you sense that sweet pineapple smell when you sniff the pineapple from its base? If yes, your pineapple is most likely ripe. A sour smell means it has gone bad.
  • Touch: Gently squeezing your pineapple will also allow you to assess its ripeness. Ripe pineapples tend to give in a little when squeezed. Beware, however, of pineapples that feel mushy and too soft as they are overripe.
  • Weight: Lastly, assess the weight of the fruit. Go for pineapples that seem heavier for their size as they are more likely to be juicier and sweeter.

Have a sharp knife

Pineapples aren’t that easy to peel and cut, all thanks to their hard exteriors. This is why it is always necessary to use a sharp knife for the job. A sharp chef knife is a good choice to begin your grilled pineapples journey.

How to cut a pineapple for grilling

Pineapples need specific cuts to be grilled to perfection. These cuts need to be easy to handle as well as sport a good surface area for proper grilling. Our experts recommend two distinctive cuts when wanting to cut a pineapple for grilling: spears and rings.

Peeling the pineapplePeeling the pineapple

Source: StockFood

  1. Position the pineapple in a horizontal position onto the cutting board. With your non-dominant hand, secure the fruit onto the board.
  2. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the sharp chef knife and slice the top and bottom of the fruit.
  3. Next, position your pineapple vertically and begin to peel the skin. Begin from the top and let your knife follow the fruit curves all the way to the bottom. The skin will come off in strips that you will discard.
  4. Be wary of brown flesh and remove if any.

How to cut a pineapple into spearsCut pineapple into slices

For cutting a pineapple into spears, it is easier to begin with a pineapple that hasn’t been peeled.

  1. Put your pineapple upright onto the cutting board. Next, slice it in half.
  2. Slice the halves into further halves for creating four pieces.
  3. Use a paring knife to remove the core from the sections, leaving a little core intact. This will allow grilling to be done easily as the flesh would remain intact due to the core.
  4. Peel the skin from the sections you have just cut.
  5. Slice the four sections into halves once more to create eight pieces.
  6. Make sure that the pieces are roughly 1-1.5 cm thick. If a piece seems larger than that, you may half it once more for quick grilling.

How to cut a pineapple into ringsCut pineapple into rings

Source: ChefJulieHarrington

  1. Position the peeled pineapple on the cutting board in a horizontal position.
  2. Use your non-dominant hand to secure the pineapple whilst holding the sharp knife in your dominant hand.
  3. Begin to cut the pineapple into slices of 1-1.5cm thickness each.
  4. Also, remove the core with a corer or a knife.

You now have ring-shaped pineapples ready for grilling.

How to cut a pineapple into slices

  1. Peel the pineapple.
  2. Cut into rings.
  3. Leave the woody centers intact.

How to grill pineapples

For basic pineapple grilling, follow the steps below:

  1. Start with a medium-high grill at a temperature between 350-450℉.
  2. Lightly oil the grill.
  3. Grill the pineapples for 3-6 minutes.
  4. You will know that your pineapples have been grilled when they turn a nice brown color that is slightly charred on one side of the fruit.
  5. Flip the pineapples with the help of tongs and repeat.

You may also choose to marinate the pineapples first for enhanced taste. Here is how:

  1. Use some brown sugar or honey, along with kosher salt, bottled hot sauce, and a dash of virgin olive oil. Marinate the pineapples in the ingredients.
  2. Grill according to the above instructions.

Voila. Your grilled pineapples are ready to serve.

Alternatively, you can opt for plainly grilled pineapples and devour them with honey, yogurt, or any other sauce to your liking.

How to serve grilled pineapplesPineapple sticks

We love to eat grilled pineapples on sticks just like popsicles! You can also savor them likewise as they taste great as they are. However, some people like to enjoy them along with dips as well. They can also be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. We have listed down a few below:

You might want to add it to your favorite dish, too. The options are, let us tell you, unlimited with this delicious grilled fruit!


Are pineapples nutritious?

Pineapples are highly nutritious fruits that are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and manganese. They are also a source of antioxidants, which offer a wide range of health benefits.

Does the size of pineapple impact its taste?

Even though the size of pineapples doesn’t really impact their taste, they do tend to hold more juice. If you’re looking for juicier pineapples, go for larger ones.

Why does pineapple sting your tongue when eating?

Pineapples sting your tongue when eating because they contain bromelain: a combination of different enzymes. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down proteins in the tongue, cheeks, and even lips and therefore attack them. The sting is, however, short-lived since these proteins are rebuilt.

In Conclusion

That’s all folks. We hope you enjoyed this article on grilled pineapples. We would love for you to try it and taste the magic for yourself.

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